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About China Engagement Office

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) was one of the first local universities to develop academic exchange with the mainland.  Since the 1980s, CUHK has been maintaining close links with mainland institutions, with exchanges becoming especially active after 1997.  The profuse input from Mainland China into tertiary education with open-door attitude towards collaboration with Hong Kong provides many collaboration possibilities with mainland counterparts.  The China Engagement Office is dedicated to facilitating exchange and research collaboration between CUHK and universities on the mainland and across the Taiwan Straits.  The Office is also devoted to serving internal academic and administrative units in developing academic exchange and collaborative projects that are geared towards the University’s strategic vision of being “acknowledged as a first-class comprehensive research university in Hong Kong, China and in the world”.

About CU in Mainland & Taiwan

CEO aspires to provide different experiential learning and exchange opportunities for CUHK students, in close collaboration with various mainland and Taiwan institutions. CUHK students get to know more about the latest political, economic, social and cultural development of mainland China and Taiwan, while interacting with local staff and students and making new friends via a wide range of meaningful activities.