CEO-Student Activities - Activities
【NEW】【NOW OPEN】Early Bird: Design Professional Skills Online Camp
Date: 15 - 18 August 2022
Quota: N/A
Eligibility: Full-time CUHK Students (Priority will be given to Hong Kong local students)
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Internal Application Deadline: by noon, 13 August 2022


【NEW】【NOW OPEN】Fall 2022 Jiao◦Tong Global Virtual Classroom
Date: Fall 2022
Quota: Not limited
Eligibility: Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland, and International students are all welcomed
Application Deadline: by noon, 24 August 2022
1. CUHK students would only be allowed to choose APRU-VSE Fall 2022 Course: 1-10;
2. Each student can choose up to 3 courses